Ethnic Groups of Sarawak

This is a list of ethnic groups in Sarawak, which is currently being updated from time to time due to the difficulty in classifying the peoples of Sarawak. Some groups change names, or join a bigger group or becomes assimilated. Some are extinct. If there are any mistakes, or differing opinions, please don’t hesistate to leave a comment. This is the work of an amateur so please be patient. XD

Brackets () is the general group name which could be political or geographical in nature

Dayak (this term is still subject to differing opinions)

  1. Bliun
  2. Narom: Marudi.
  3. Beluru
  4. Kedayan: Miri.
  5. Melanau: Central. Together with Balingian and Siteng. Balingian River.
  6. Baie Segaan/Bintulu: Sibuti, Niah, Bintulu.
  7. Kanowit: Melanau? Middle Rejang River.
  8. Matu-Daro: Melanau. Matu, Daro
  9. Seduan: Melanau Sibu.
  10. Segalang: Melanau? Sarikei.
  11. Tanjong: Melanau? Middle Rejang River.
  12. Seru: Extinct. Kabong.
  13. Bukar-Sadong: Bidayuh. Serian
  14. Jagoi-Singai: Bidayuh. Bau
  15. Biatah: Bidayuh. Padawan, Penrissen.
  16. Salako: Bidayuh (although linguistically unrelated). Lundu.
  17. Rara: Bidayuh (although linguistically unrelated). Bakati’ in Kalimantan. Lundu.
  18. Undu (extinct): Lundu.
  19. Tringgus: Bidayuh, more related to Biatah than Bau dialect. Gumbang included. Bau.
  20. Bisaya: Limbang, Lawas.
  21. Belait: Also Meting/Lemeting. Lower Baram.
  22. Tutong: Baram.
  23. Kayan: Baram, Rejang.
  24. Kenyah: Baram.
  25. Badeng: Kenyah? Baram.
  26. Berawan: Central, East and West. Upper and lower Baram.
  27. Kiput: Long Kiput, Long Tutoh, northeast Marudi.
  28. Lelak: Extinct. Of the Tinjar/Loagan Bunut. Related to the Narom linguistically.
  29. Lirong: Chebup? Tinjar
  30. Murik: Baram.
  31. Nyamok
  32. Chebup: Tinjar.
  33. Kelabit: North Sarawak
  34. Saban: Upper Baram
  35. Tabun
  36. Patah
  37. Tagal
  38. Ukit: Tatau, Baleh.
  39. Penan: Eastern and Western.
  40. Punan: Penan?
  41. Tatau: Tatau.
  42. Bukitan/Baketan: Kapit.
  43. Kejaman: Belaga.
  44. Lahanan: Belaga.
  45. Sekapan: Belaga.
  46. Lugat
  47. Lisum
  48. Sihan: Belaga.
  49. Iban: Sri Aman, Sarikei, Sibu, Bintulu, Tawau?
  50. Balau: Iban? Simunjan.
  51. Batang Ai: Iban
  52. Batu Blah: Iban
  53. Maloh
  54. Milikin: Iban? Also Remun. Serian.
  55. Sebuyau: Iban? Lundu.
  56. Undup
  57. Punan Ba
  58. Malang
  59. Seping: Belaga
  60. Bah Mali: Chebup?
  61. Sambup
  62. Miriek: Miri.
  63. Dailiek: Miri.
  64. Lun Bawang: North Sarawak.
  65. Lun Dayeh: North Sarawak.
  66. Sipeng: Penan (Western)?
  67. Siteng: Melanau?
  68. Balingian: Melanau?
  69. Murut/Okolod: North Sarawak.
  70. Punan Batu: Long Geng, Belaga
  71. Long Wat: Kenyah? Tutoh River

*Kiput, Narom, Lelak, Belait, Tutong, Berawan linguistically related.


2 thoughts on “Ethnic Groups of Sarawak”

  1. just to help you out Dayak rambut Gold and Rosalia Mimmie….
    No.7 Kanowit….IS NOT IBAN….but related Kajang-Melanau. Still reside in Kampung Sungai Bedil,across Cannotwait town. Sawing as a Tanjung Dayak(also Kajang-Melanau speaking tribe) had lots of relatives in Sungai Bedil and Sawing n Sakalai(Matu Aliko,citizen of Melanau) can speak each other without language barrier….and some of Sakalai relatives came upriver to married the Tanjung-Kanowit people….and That time NOT ALL MAtunese were Mohammedans/Muslim. Both Sakalai and Sawing fled to nearby Kajang-Melanau village in Rajang river when Brooke Regime with Cannotwait Ibans helps did their OPS Sikap to burn n destroyed the Kajang-Melanau longhouse along Rajang River after Sawing/Sakalai gangs killed British officers….soon,the Ibans were granted to migrate more upriver of Rajang with Pelagus as the Border.

    No.68 Balingian Melanau.
    Balingian in the past was a small villages mixture of A-likow,Punans speaking people,that would be,the nomad Siteng or related Va’ee and Lower Baram language….) and Baketans(after Ibans chased them away from Saribas-Skrang-Kalaka). With the mixture language of A-likow after intermarriaged with Baketans and Punans/Penans,came a new variant language for these Balingian indigenous who happen to be Melanau Kingdom Citizen…,that’s why Balingian Melanau can’t understand and conversed much with their Melanau Telian/Dalad siblings….Today,some older people of Balingian still refer to themselves as Siteng who live in Bedengan,Bayan,Penyipa and those who live near Balingian bazaar would be the Siteng from Kampung Suyong,and majority still profess Animism while a Catholic church were built to accomodate Christian Siteng while other Muslim Siteng also live nearby at Kampung Mesjid.

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