Tawai: A Voice from the Forest

  If you are curious about the Penan, a 2017 documentary by Bruce Parry is a simple show illustrating their way of life and belief system. The Penans, being semi-nomadic, has always been victims of discrimination by the government and the people who live around them. While this documentary doesn’t delve much into their history… Continue reading Tawai: A Voice from the Forest

The Kenyah Peselai, and the aftermath of Konfrontasi

A Kenyah peselai group, 1930, with Dutch photographer HF Tillema Peselai, an ancient ritual of the Kenyahs of Borneo, is a coming of age journey undertaken by men to discover new lands, wealth and trading. It is the equivalent of the Iban’s bejalai. … peselai is a rite of passage with deep roots to the… Continue reading The Kenyah Peselai, and the aftermath of Konfrontasi

What our future looks like

Taken from : http://www.facebook.com/boytattoo (Sylvester Juli) “He looks Dayak-ish, maybe Iban, but he has that Orang Ulu look too… ThenĀ  again the Vaiee also looks like that…” He’s actually Iban + Lahanan. You’ll be hard pressed to find any pure-blooded Dayak nowadays. Intermarriages have created a varied and diverse mix of looks that can be… Continue reading What our future looks like