What’s your ROOTS man???

The generation of today is living in a world where they are offered a vast array of choices, whether in music, pop culture or dance. With that, comes the decline of interest in traditional arts, culture and music. It’s inevitable, as things are everchanging. The custodians of traditional culture are gradually declining, as fewer and… Continue reading What’s your ROOTS man???

Indigenous identity in Borneo

There are numerous ethnic groups in Borneo, some say a few hundred. As awareness begins to spread through the different communities on their own unique identity, smaller, minority ethnic groups start breaking away from the major groups they joined. Some have been assimilated (intermarriges), some extinct (wars, diseases). Before the coming of the European powers,… Continue reading Indigenous identity in Borneo


Ethnologue (Gordon 2005) estimates that there are about 6,900 languages spoken around the worldtoday. It is also estimated that only 4% of the globe’s 6 billion people speak 96% of the world’slanguages (Crystal 2000). Nettle and Romaine (2000) estimate that about half the known languages in the world have disappeared over thepast 500 years and… Continue reading Homogenized

The term that is Bidayuh

The term Bidayuh (Bi= people of, Dayuh= land) encompasses the Bukar-Sadong, Jagoi-Singai, Salako-Lara and Biatah. I had a discussion one day with a friend who believes that the term Bidayuh is a misnomer. The culture and language is different from each of the groups in varying degrees (the Biatah sitting between the Bukar-Sadong and Jagoi-Singai).… Continue reading The term that is Bidayuh