Learn Bidayuh Bukar: Familial Terms

I don’t pretend to be a linguistic expert, nor do I understand the phonetics system. But today we’ll learn some basic Bidayuh Bukar terms. Note that the letter /ŭ/ is pronounced as in “urn” or “baron“. Previous spelling by western priests who first documented the language created the letter /ɯ/. Father: Amang Mother: Andŭ Son: Anak dari… Continue reading Learn Bidayuh Bukar: Familial Terms

Languages of Sarawak

Malaysia (Sarawak). 2,185,500 (2004). Information mainly from R. Blust 1974; A. Hudson 1978; C. Rensch 2006; P. Sercombe 1997; A. Soriente 2003, 2005; E. Uhlenbeck 1958. The number of individual languages listed for Malaysia (Sarawak) is 46. Of those, 44 are living languages and 2 have no known speakers. (Courtesy of http://tusunterabai.wordpress.com) Bakati’, Rara [lra]… Continue reading Languages of Sarawak

Languages of Borneo

The indigenous languages of Borneo is divided into 10 subgroups (Hudson 1978). The Malayic subgroup includes Iban and Malay. The diversity and relative archaism of the Malayic languages spoken in West Borneo suggest that the Malayic homeland may have been in this area. The Tamanic languages are close enough to the South Sulawesi languages to… Continue reading Languages of Borneo

Dunging’s Legacy: The Iban Alphabet

*** UPDATE: For those interested to purchase the font can get it from http://www.linguistsoftware.com/liban.htm Mr. Bromeley Phillip, a lecturer of Linguistics in UiTM Sarawak is currently teaching on the usage of this Iban alphabet. You can check out his SACRED Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sacred/182482625216196?ref=profile Dunging Anak Gunggu (1904-1985) Born and Died at: Nanga Ulai LongHouse, Debak Sub-District,… Continue reading Dunging’s Legacy: The Iban Alphabet


Ethnologue (Gordon 2005) estimates that there are about 6,900 languages spoken around the worldtoday. It is also estimated that only 4% of the globe’s 6 billion people speak 96% of the world’slanguages (Crystal 2000). Nettle and Romaine (2000) estimate that about half the known languages in the world have disappeared over thepast 500 years and… Continue reading Homogenized