Niti Daun 2018

2018 saw the first time a Gawai cultural parade was held in the heart of Kuching ever since the 90s. Niti Daun is commonly performed in Iban longhouses or villages before Gawai. It was an amazing display of indigenous cultural identity, despite the heat. The day began with clear blue skies and despite a temporary… Continue reading Niti Daun 2018

The Bisaya’ of Borneo

The Bisaya’ are one of the minor ethnic groups in Borneo, currently located within the vicinity of Limbang District (Northern Sarawak), Beaufort (Sabah) and Brunei. They are also known as Bekiau, Bisaya Bukit, Bisayah, Lorang Bukit and Visayak. They are similiar to the Tutong and Belait ethnic groups of Borneo. The Bisaya’ community used to… Continue reading The Bisaya’ of Borneo

What our future looks like

Taken from : (Sylvester Juli) “He looks Dayak-ish, maybe Iban, but he has that Orang Ulu look too… Then  again the Vaiee also looks like that…” He’s actually Iban + Lahanan. You’ll be hard pressed to find any pure-blooded Dayak nowadays. Intermarriages have created a varied and diverse mix of looks that can be… Continue reading What our future looks like

The Tatau people of the Kakus and Anap Rivers, Bintulu Division, Sarawak.

Anap River is situated between the Bintulu River, in the Bintulu Division and Balingian River in the Sibu Division of Sarawak.  In ancient times before the Kakus and its main tributary, the Anap stream, were populated by the Punans, Baketans, Ibans and Malays, only a tribe of people called the Tatau lived in these areas.… Continue reading The Tatau people of the Kakus and Anap Rivers, Bintulu Division, Sarawak.

Languages of Sarawak

Malaysia (Sarawak). 2,185,500 (2004). Information mainly from R. Blust 1974; A. Hudson 1978; C. Rensch 2006; P. Sercombe 1997; A. Soriente 2003, 2005; E. Uhlenbeck 1958. The number of individual languages listed for Malaysia (Sarawak) is 46. Of those, 44 are living languages and 2 have no known speakers. (Courtesy of Bakati’, Rara [lra]… Continue reading Languages of Sarawak