A 20s guy of Bidayuh Bukar and Chebup Kenyah parentage, currently living in Penang. A young urbanite who has walked the jungle and has no problems not using sun block or moisturizer in it.

The golden hair is metaphorical, like enlightenment.

Well, actually I just got bored of black hair.

Everything here is my opinion so it might be bullshit, it might be true, you be the judge. I look at things from both sides. Comments are welcome, but please be civil. I can accept criticism, but not personal attacks. The purpose of this blog is for open discourse on the things I post about, and to read the views of people about certain issues. A more Borneo-centric blog of sorts.

We live in changing times, where sensationalist news govern the headlines and mainstream media portrays things that might not always be the view of the majority. This is a place for the opinionated, the open minded and the understanding, where the young can speak their mind, and the old can assert their views.

No racists or hateful comments allowed. If you have any problems with my posting, just leave a comment and we can talk about it.

Goal: To know and to understand what is forgotten, left behind and to share the knowledge of the past.

For purposes of this blog, Dayak means the ethnic groups native to Borneo, of which not all are documented. Chinese and Indians born here are Borneans, but not Dayaks. Malays, (born native to Borneo) on the other hand, prefer to be called Malays. Before embracing Islam, they were also Dayaks, sharing the same roots. Due to the political nature of it, Malay is distinct and separate from Dayaks. Malays won’t be happy to be called Dayaks, nor would the Dayaks admit it.

Collections on Sabahan, Bruneian and Kalimantanese groups will be posted slowly and soon.


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