Nyebang Baruk Kampung Gumbang


In conjunction with the launching of their new baruk, the Bidayuh of Kampung Gumbang held a ceremony together with their kin from Indonesia in a simple ceremony. Kampung Gumbang is located close to the border with Indonesia, and is populated by a unique sub-ethnic of the Bidayuh that has a distinct dialect.

The new baruk is their cultural centre, made with mostly modern materials and located a few minutes from the main village. In the village itself is the old baruk, where skulls still hang from the rafters and are propitiated annually. A unique feature of Kampung Gumbang is their custom of celebrating Gawai Nyobeng with different Desa across the border every year, a twinning celebration if you will. If distances are close they’ll even hike a few hours to reach the chosen village.




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