I would like to thank all my dear readers for their visits and their comments on this blog. I haven’t had the time or material to add much material to my blog nowadays. I do recommend some of the links on my blogroll, especially a fellow Bornean blogger Paren (http://www.parenbonjour.com/). I hope this blog will be more active in the future. For now, just browse through the archives and leave any comments if you have any questions or opinions. REMINDER: For those of you who criticize the things I’ve posted up as being inaccurate or biased or presumptuous, please be reminded that you can leave a comment politely and tell me what’s wrong. Some people only know how to criticize but offer no constructive solution. If you’re that awesome, go and research, interview, photograph and write/blog yourself. You think I Wikipedia it all? Wiki don’t have half as much as I have in here. Add more info or experiences, it’ll be much appreciated. Thanks!


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