The Bidayuh of Serian: The Gahat Semabang group

One of the 15 subgroups under the Bukar-Sadong Bidayuh of Serian, Samarahan is the Gahat/Semabang group.

Legend has it that Datu Merpati cut a roundstone at Ulu Sg. Robin, sharing the same legend as the Taup group.

The early Bidayuh migrated from Tembawang Tampun and moved to Semabang at Ulu Sg. Robin, Ulu Sadong (1500s). In 1790s, Sanggau pirates came and attacked the village. Before the attack, the Bigahat escaped to Bung Nyarau, then Red Tak Sebintin, then to Kuala Gahat and finally at Gahat Semabang where they finally settled down.

Sebintin – originally called Tembawang Sebintin Lama (1850s). Later on they moved to Mawang Tapang Ujan (1890s), Mawang Entuku (1905) before finally settling down at the current site.

Paon Rimu – They split with the group that went to Sebintin from Mawang Entuku. Means citrus tree.

Rayang – From the word ‘rayu’, saliva.

Lobang Batu Mawang – Sita-uh (1830s), Bung Miruwat (1850s), Mawang Gumbang (1880s), Mawang Tahas (1930s) and finally at the current site in 1976.

Batu Keron – Means the soil that isn’t good for paddy planting. In 1968 Batu Keron was abandoned and they moved, renaming it Batu Bedang.

Pulau Piranuk – Means mousedeer.

Sebangkoi – Bangkoi trees.

Seroban – Enkajuh Upi, Mawang Anden, Pulau Kranji Ichuk, Mawang Roban (attack by Simanggang Ibans), Lubok Pisau (cholera epidemic), Seroban, Lubok Jabam (unknown sickness), Pondok, and back to Seroban in 1958.

Payau Achau – Means deer. Moved due to Indonesian Confrontation.

Payau Berus – Moved due to Indonesian Confrontation.


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