Look what I found in the store


End of the year. Dengan bersemangatnya saya membersihkan rumah dan stor. And look what I found… It’s a banner about 5 metres long,1 metre wide.Not totally complete, some shading and coloring not finished yet.


The signature says Tusau. Tusau Padan?

It was given by the family of a late uncle. They couldn’t keep it because it has a humasn figure in it (idolatry la tek, takut kena kacau semangat jahat).

The artwork is typical of the Kenyah people.


5 thoughts on “Look what I found in the store”

  1. hi! Peselai,
    i’m really impressed with your late uncle tusau pandan and if you agree i would like to transfer the image into 3D carving. i will post the picture to you once i’m done with it.

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