Languages of Borneo

The indigenous languages of Borneo is divided into 10 subgroups (Hudson 1978). The Malayic subgroup includes Iban and Malay. The diversity and relative archaism of the Malayic languages spoken in West Borneo suggest that the Malayic homeland may have been in this area. The Tamanic languages are close enough to the South Sulawesi languages to… Continue reading Languages of Borneo

Dunging’s Legacy: The Iban Alphabet

*** UPDATE: For those interested to purchase the font can get it from Mr. Bromeley Phillip, a lecturer of Linguistics in UiTM Sarawak is currently teaching on the usage of this Iban alphabet. You can check out his SACRED Facebook page at Dunging Anak Gunggu (1904-1985) Born and Died at: Nanga Ulai LongHouse, Debak Sub-District,… Continue reading Dunging’s Legacy: The Iban Alphabet

A broken deal: The Borneo States after 1963

Singapore’s People’s Action Party initiated a merger with Malaya, but was resisted by it’s most dominant political power, UMNO, including Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR). The Malayans feared the possibility of left wing radicalism taking over the Singapore government in the elections as PAP suffered losses and rifts after an internal struggle in 1962. It is… Continue reading A broken deal: The Borneo States after 1963