The Seping of Belaga and Tinjar

The Seping are among the few tiny ethnic minorities that have survived assimilation by bigger groups and exist today as a distinct community, keeping their cultural identity and language intact. They claim to be the first group to occupy the Belaga River region and have left their mark on the landscape as proof of that.… Continue reading The Seping of Belaga and Tinjar

Kelabits in the 40s

A Kelabit girl wearing the much valued beads. A young aristocrat with leopard fangs in his upper earlobe. Kelabit aristocrats A kelabit aristicrat with his most valuable jar (among the most valued) in Bario. A father and son going for an irau.

The Bidayuh Sadong: Sumpas subgroup

The Sumpas subgroup is among the biggest group currently residing in Serian. Folklore passed down through generations says that their ancestors were devils/spirits who eventually became human with the assistance of Datu Merpati (who appears in many legends as the forefather – together with Padat a Sungkung Dayak – of the Bidayuhs in Serian, a… Continue reading The Bidayuh Sadong: Sumpas subgroup