The humble vegetable

Daun ubi, tapioca leaves or better known in Bidayuh as dawu’ bandung, is a plant that grow in the wild, but has been cultivated as widely eaten by the Bidayuhs. They say if you want to know if a Bidayuh lives in a particular house, look at the backyard. If there are tapioca leaves planted, it means there are!

It’s been a staple for a long time, hearkening back to the days when meat was a luxury and vegetables aplenty. But even now, when meat has become the norm, the humble dawu’ bandung can never be replaced.

Among the more popular dishes are stir fried, or stewed with dahang pangan (rice fermented pork), manok pansoh, or made into a soup with canned stew pork.So if you’re ever a visitor to the state, ask around and try some!

I hate talking about food. It makes me hungry. Now wouldn’t it be nice to have a cafe for non-halal Dayak food?


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