The Red Rally

Movement for Change Sarawak will be organising a Red Rally, Walk for Democracy and Refrom at the Museum Gardens tomorrow, together with a wreath laying ceremony at fallen heroes memorial in Waterfront and the Gardens. Police permit has not been granted due to Ramadhan, while the ex-servicemen association are furious about the wreath laying (they say this will be politicised).

An excerpt from MoCS website,

On the aims and objectives of MoCS, Siah said its priority was to strive for a new political culture in Sarawak – free from money politics, corruption, nepotism, despotism and free from politics of patronage and economic banditry.

Secondly, it aims to strengthen democratic values and principles. Sarawakians must be made more aware of their rights in all spheres as citizens of a democratic, sovereign state and nation.

MoCS will also provide a platform for Sarawakians who are apolitical to be involved in a mass movement which they can believe in – a movement which struggles for their religious, cultural and economic rights.

And finally, MoCS will strive to educate the citizens of Sarawak of their duties and responsibilities in the governance of their state – that they have a stake in the state’s directions and future and to ensure that Sarawak is always managed and governed by leaders of integrity, foresight and high moral values.

It remains to be seen how the turnout will be. Kuchingites seem fairly unperturbed by it.


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