A thought

There are many subgroups of the “Bidayuh” spread across Kuching, Padawan, Bau, Penrissen, Samarahan and Serian. Each subgroups are named after specific geographical references, namely rivers, hills, plants or mountains. The question that’s always been nagging me is how distinct are difference between each subgroup? Is it mere geography or is the language/culture also vastly different?

For the sake of convenience, most have been grouped together without regard for difference in culture or language. I’m hoping to travel to each of these places and find out the difference in terms of language and culture, in relative to their closest neighbour.

Then, instead of just “Bidayuh”, we can truly see how diverse the ethnic groups are just within the “Bidayuh”.

Now if only I’m an employer instead of an employee, and the price of petrol falls.


What say you

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