Ethnologue (Gordon 2005) estimates that there are about 6,900 languages spoken around the worldtoday. It is also estimated that only 4% of the globe’s 6 billion people speak 96% of the world’slanguages (Crystal 2000). Nettle and Romaine (2000) estimate that about half the known languages in the world have disappeared over thepast 500 years and… Continue reading Homogenized

A thought

There are many subgroups of the “Bidayuh” spread across Kuching, Padawan, Bau, Penrissen, Samarahan and Serian. Each subgroups are named after specific geographical references, namely rivers, hills, plants or mountains. The question that’s always been nagging me is how distinct are difference between each subgroup? Is it mere geography or is the language/culture also vastly… Continue reading A thought