A Bidayuh history

The Bidayuh constitute about 8% of the Sarawak population, numbering about 200,000 people. What are the Bidayuh? “The humanists of the Dayak world, Bidayuh are tolerant of human idiosyncrasies and occasional excesses, most of which they realistically assess as absurd but harmless, seeking the peacemaking and healing course through the despairs and abrasions of this… Continue reading A Bidayuh history

It’s okay, it’s alright, it’s enough

What is a modern Dayak? In the minds of many, it’s a contradicting phrase. The word Dayak tend to conjure up images of preliterate people, living in the hinterlands, practicing shifting agriculture, living off the land. The Dayak philosophy of being in harmony with nature, body, mind and spirit. The word modern denotes higher standard… Continue reading It’s okay, it’s alright, it’s enough

Religion is all right, it’s the people.

To address the comments of one of my readers on the identity of the Jati Miriek, whom I mentioned termed themselves Melayu Kedayan, is that they used to call themselves that, but now are tyring to preserve their identity. Linguistically and culturally they are more akin to the Lakiput, Lun Bawang or Kajang, but because… Continue reading Religion is all right, it’s the people.