Ohh Cap Apek

My family and I celebrated Gawai early this year. Yesterday to be exact. Together with my Mum’s birthday, we decided to do an informal Gawai gathering. Partly for my bro who couldn’t take leave for Gawai this year, and also missed Gawai last year. So we cooked Gawai food.

So on my off day, it felt like another working day. Started cooking from lunch all the way till night. The antidote? Booze at the end of the night. Which accounts for my lack of energy going to work today.

Instead of the usual family dinner this year, I secretly asked her secondary school friends to join as a surprise. Watching them talk and laugh was priceless.

Funniest thing? Almost half her presents were tuak/liquor. And when they drank, damn we kids couldn’t beat how loud and raucous they got. I was worried I’d have to mop up urine on the floor because they were laughing till they were crying.

You graduate, from school or university. You get married, have kids, and settle down into a routine. Your only friends will be your colleagues, your life revolves around your family. And reunions have to be planned way in advance because someone’s kids will always be needing something suddenly.

When we were young, we promised each other, friends forever. Somehow we only realize how far away we are from the best of them when we wake up one day and realize we’re 40. Where have they all gone? On with their lives, busy with family and work. Priorities change, people change, life changes.

It got me thinking. How will I react one day when I meet old friends after 20 years? I take it for granted that I am always in contact, we keep each other updated. But surely they will get married, have a family and move on. It’s sad, but it’s a fact of life.

Maybe one day my kids will plan a surprise party for me. Hah!


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