Sarawak is the land of my birth, where I grew and lived. I’m always amazed when I look down and see rivers curling like ribbons all over the plains and hills, between thick lush forests and the gentle cry of the gibbons. It is a land I am proud to be a part of.

I am what some people would call Anak Borneo.

Contrary to popular belief, Anak Borneo not only means natives or indigenous people of Borneo, but whoever is born and raised in Borneo, or has made Borneo their home. There is no barrier of race or ethnicity but loyalty to the land.

Sarawak has seen many changes, rising from a backwater nation into a slightly more modern state in the Federation. But these developments are few and far in between, although the authorities love slinging new projects which ultimately ends up as white elephants or become chronically exorbitant.

The new generation of Sarawakians are now finding their voice. And I am one of those voices. I am of mix native parentage, and I am always curious to learn more about my cultures. This blog is the view of my generation, as we traverse the fine line between modernity and culture, identity and change. It is about life, and the future of the state.

I am The Dayak with Golden Hair.

I am Sarawak.


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