The Bidayuh: Sadong – Bukar (Part 1)

This post concerns the first subgroup, the Bukar. The Bukar is one of the 15 subgroups found in Serian. The difference between the Bukar and Sadong (of which the remaining 13 subgroups belong to), is geographically and a slight difference linguistically. Among the Bukar, language is pretty uniform among the people, while among the Sadong… Continue reading The Bidayuh: Sadong – Bukar (Part 1)


Democratic Republic of Borneo. Has a nice ring to it, kan? With all the shit that’s been flying all over the internet, and the dumbasses who voice out opinions that are shallow and xenophobic, the idea of an independent nation of our own feels nice. Certain people has been talking like they own us. Leaders… Continue reading *quiet*

Sanda Bidayuh

One fascinating facet of the Bidayuh is their propensity for making fun of each other. The Bibukar enjoy pointing out how the Bisadong sound so excitable and brusque, speaking loudly with exaggerated accents. While the Bijagoi/Bisingai also make fun of the Bibukar/Bisadong way of speaking, they are usually known for exchanging their Ls with Rs,… Continue reading Sanda Bidayuh