I want to know more but…

This is a rant, about public lectures and academia in general. I try to attend public talks organized by anyone, especially if it’s historiographical or anthropological. Books on such materials are expensive, if not downright obscure. It’s also a good place to pose questions and get a more nuanced answer. Yet increasingly I grow frustrated […]

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The Price of Pride

I mentioned a while back that I’ve noticed a sort of cultural Renaissance within the Borneo identity and culture in the recent decade. People are taking an interest in culture and history (that’s probably why you’re reading this blog), wearing their cultural pride on their sleeves (and on their cars). Which is great. Every culture […]

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Peak Dayak Feudalism

The Dayak mindset of today is so much entrenched in patronage politics and feudalism. A recent familial incident made me think about why we do things the way we do, and how it has become so much part of our cultural and societal fabric. A reverence for those whose title supersede us, or “deserve” our […]

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Hello, it’s me

I’m back. At least for 2019. I left this blog for quite awhile. Busy with work and the like, but mostly out of ideas about writing and the direction I want to take with this site. Dormant as it is, the site seems to be thriving. I guess people are as interested as before on […]

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Nyebang Baruk Kampung Gumbang

  In conjunction with the launching of their new baruk, the Bidayuh of Kampung Gumbang held a ceremony together with their kin from Indonesia in a simple ceremony. Kampung Gumbang is located close to the border with Indonesia, and is populated by a unique sub-ethnic of the Bidayuh that has a distinct dialect. The new […]

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